Status Update

Kansas City O Playbook will be released Friday 11/25/11
Videos for this playbook will be released Sunday 11/27/11
(These are free for all members)

I will also post a quick defensive game plan. I’ve received a lot of questions asking for defensive help.

Quick tip:
I’ve just played in three games straight where I’ve literally stripped the ball four times in each game. I don’t know  if there was an adjustment that increases fumble frequency in the latest update or what, but mash L1/LB as fast and hard as you can when going in for the tackle to strip the ball. It’s a huge game changer and will help you win the game even if you just force one.

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27 comments on “Status Update
  1. so when will the new guide be up ? tomorrow or in a few hours?

  2. kervin says:

    i was wondering what was the hold up and long delay of the updates, hope we get really soon tonight thnx for effort

  3. Sorry again about this. I will be posting the first edition in about 10 minutes. Tomorrow I will be posting the 2nd half of the guide. The videos are not going to be finished by tonight so I’m just going to post what I have now.

  4. t reeder says:

    last year it was more infor!! when will the rest come

    • You’re out of your mind if you think this is it. Last years guide was over 6 months of cumulative material! How can you expect an equal amount of material when it hasn’t even been a week. The guide will obviously continue to grow. Glitches are discovered, you can’t create them. When they are found, they will be posted.

  5. kervin says:

    @t reeder relax man there will b plenty of new info coming every week

  6. t reeder says:

    ok thanks

  7. daniel delacerda says:

    i havent recieved my password and i payed for it allready what is the deal?

  8. Kervin says:

    @daniel if u payed for it u should have gotten a password paying and a password update was sent last week.try checking ur junk mail.if not search ur deleted folders/inbox. If u search for “glitch central”u should see all emails received from glitch central.
    @t reeder I’m anxious just like you,im waiting for the freeze glitch nd the disconnection glitch

  9. Matt says:

    i also havent received a password. i have no emails from glitch central, i only have an email from paypal saying that i purchased the membership, but no password or anything

  10. kervin says:

    @matt forward the confirmation email to and let them know u didnt get a password and he will email it to u

  11. jerard garnett says:

    my password does not work to get my madden 12 glitches

  12. kervin says:

    how do i remove a commment??? on this blog site

  13. kervin says:

    thanx, delete the one with my psn id

  14. Mike says:

    what is the freeze glitch and what does it do?

  15. kervin says:

    @mike if you ordered the package it says in the description

  16. Rog says:

    Can someone clarify how to do the Freeze glitch? Also, what affect does it have on us? Loss, DNF increase, anything?

  17. kervin says:

    @rog i wud explain but ill need permision from glitchcentral first

  18. Rog says:

    I’m a subscriber so it’s fine. I just don’t understand how to do it, even with the instructions. Though if I get a loss too, I probably won’t do it.

  19. No you may not explain glitches on this post. This is a public post which means people asking for glitches do not have access to the guide. If they had access to the guide they would be asking questions about glitches on the private posts.

  20. Pnastyy1 says:

    How about the New Orleans Playbook??? The best one in my opinion!

  21. x302xNnamdi says:

    when will it be posted tonight?

  22. kush says:

    i cant find the email with new password

  23. roosevelt tolliver says:

    cant find new password

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