New Password

A new password has been emailed out to all subscribers. This password will give you access to today’s update and all future updates.

Important: I receive anywhere from 5-10 emails A DAY asking for the latest password that was sent out over a month ago. Please check your emails today. If you did not follow the directions posted last month, the password will go to your spam inbox. If you do not check that email in the next few days, it will automatically be deleted. PLEASE CHECK TODAY, AND SAVE YOUR PASSWORD SO YOU DO NOT LOSE IT.

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12 comments on “New Password
  1. Ben says:

    am i the one of the few who havent recieved a new passowrd?

    • If you can not find your password, EMAIL ME. I will make sure you are a member and send you the password immediately.

      I do not mind sending the password out, I just don’t understand why people ask me for the password a month after it has been sent out.

  2. Ben says:

    nvm i had the wrong email! it was


  3. Andrae says:

    i need password please

  4. Levar says:

    I have the new password but its not letting me access the post when i enter it

  5. josh says:

    i never got the new password can you please email it to me

  6. DAMION says:


  7. If you do not have the latest password you must email me. I can not contact you unless you email me.

  8. daniel delacerda says:

    i need new password havent been geting um

  9. Brandon says:

    I want to be a member or get some glitches but how much is it

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