There will be a new password sent out this Sunday. If you received the last one, you will be fine. If you did not, the password will be sent from Many of you have privacy settings which will send the email to the spam folder. If you do not check a message in the spam folder, after a few days it will be deleted. You are responsible for checking the password in time, and marking the address as a safe sender so there are no future problems.

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4 comments on “Announcement
  1. greg says:

    i didnt get my password fir this update. what is going on?

  2. Brian says:

    That new post patch turbo blitz is great. A little bit of practice to get it down and defensive nanos that haven’t worked in months are back. Try to get it down in practice mode before bringing it online. Good stuff!

  3. Erik Pena says:

    I’ve read the announcement and accepted your email address as a safe sender but still have yet to receive the password. Can you please help me out?

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