Sample: Pittsburgh Playbook Breakdown

This year’s exclusive play book breakdown is for the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive play book.

Sample play:

Gun – Bunch Wk – Steelers Cross
A play that generally goes for about 15 yards. Ideal on 1st down, or 2nd and long. Your primary target will be your HB, looking at the TE on the blue route as your back up in case your HB is shut down.

Zone: This works best against zone, if the defense is in cover 3, your HB will be wide open 9/10 times. If the defense is in other zone plays, you may not be able to find your HB as open, but a well timed throw between zones will result in a big pickup. Make a bullet pass with precision inside once your HB runs past the first defender in zone. There will be a window of time between when the first defender leaves him and before the next defender can adjust.

Man: This is a little trickier in man. The success of this play in man coverage depends on who is covering your HB. If the defense is in a formation such as dime where a CB will be covering your HB, you may want to look for your TE instead. If the defense is in 3-4 or 4-3 etc where a LB will be covering your HB, you have two options when running this play:
1) Make a quick pass with precision towards the sideline if your linebacker is lined up in the middle of the field and has to run 10+ yards to reach your HB.
2) Wait for the LB to reach your HB, and as soon as the LB turns to run with him, throw a bullet pass while running forwards in the pocket.

-In the video, I am holding up on the left analog from the time of the snap to the release. This allows your HB to outrun the LB and make the catch in front of his man.

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2 comments on “Sample: Pittsburgh Playbook Breakdown
  1. Jihaad says:

    Str8 money play homie studied 2hours on that play with my panthers.even did it with the mesh then audibled out of mesh back to steelers cross and had Steve smith in tight end blue route. Real bread and butter.thanks

  2. Just remember, this is just a sample of what you will get in the complete Pittsburgh Playbook breakdown.

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