Exclusive Playbook Breakdown

The winner by one vote is Pittsburgh. The final vote was:

New England: 50
Pittsburgh: 51

I’m not sure why the ratio of votes to members was so low, or in other words, why so few people voted. But as you can see, every vote counted and was weighted heavily.

The exclusive playbook breakdown will be for the Pittsburgh Offensive Playbook and it will be released Septmeber 12th.

The price will be $5.99 (Down 50% from last year) and you may preorder at this link for a discount: http://www.madden11glitches.com/preorder.html

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2 comments on “Exclusive Playbook Breakdown
  1. Pnasty says:

    New England’s Playbook is hands down the better passing book. I was trying to find some good run plays from there. Any ideas?

  2. PinOyBoyThug says:

    Man i wanted the NE playbook to win. I used their playbook last year. I hope the mini playbook breakdown will help me dominate like last year!!!

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