Playbook Breakdown Vote

The top two playbooks, in both my opinion and user voted, for the 2011 season are the Pittsburgh and New England playbooks.

The following vote will be for the exclusive playbook released 9/12/10
This playbook will contain breakdowns of 50+ of the top plays in the book. It will also include video examples of how to execute the play, reads, and the different options when running it.

In addition, the package will include a suggested gameplan. (meaning what plays to run in specific situations)

Example: I would suggest plays to run on 1st down, 2nd and short, 3rd and long, etc.
This will also include suggested audibles and defensive reads for calling audibles to exploit holes in the defense.

The price for the exclusive playbook will be $5.99, you may however preorder for $4.99.

The playbook that loses this vote, will be the playbook released next Sunday for the Glitch and Strategy guide, (similar format to the New Orleans breakdown).

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One comment on “Playbook Breakdown Vote
  1. sorry I didnt notice the directions stating enter (glitches) for the question . I put want to get better

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