Money Play: Gun – Doubles Wk – Saints Corner

This is a sample play from the guide which can be found in the New Orleans Saints playbook.

There are a few ways to run this play.
Here are my top three reads:

1) The receiver on the motion C route.  Try to make the pass either right off the snap (a quick bullet pass), or wait for him to hit his stride and throw a bullet pass with precision right if there are no defenders shading the inside.

2) A quick dumb to your HB. A dangerous HB like Chris Johnson can break this run for a huge gain.

3) If the defense is in man coverage and isn’t in press, look to your #1 receiver lined up on the right in the curl route. You can use a variety of passes. I recommend either throwing a high bullet pass and rocket catching, or if your man is shading you tight, perform the curl route glitch with a precision down bullet pass.

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